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The River Cruise is a microcosm of inter-connected world. It is a journey of discoveries, of the land and its people, of beliefs and practices, and inner most feelings.

Shimmering waters, waves transforming into ripples, sky filled with birds, crisp weather and the air totally sharp. As the boat unmoors itself from the bank and traverses leisurely slicing through the venerable river it takes you on a journey that’s beyond the comprehension of time, blurring the difference between myths and facts, legends and history, superstitions and science.

Sitting on the deck as the country moves by, your Expert Guide enamours you with stories, which bordering on fiction combines facts and provide you with insights into India’s life. The cruise will take you to some incredible places and confront you with country’s deepest secrets. Participating in daily chores it will get you the opportunity to interact with people, understand their perspectives, exchange ideas and forge friendships.


October 26, 2018

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