India in Luxury

A journey to India that relives its ancient tales, its glorious sagas and its human spirit in a specially designed package.

Yoga tour

A journey that will help you rejuvenate your body, cleanse your mind, and heal your soul through the ancient Indian practice of Yoga.

Bagh-e- Bahar

To immerse ourselves in nature is one of our primal desires. Embark on a beautiful garden journey with Secrets of India.

India in luxury

A journey through India that inspires vitality, spirituality and sensuality all at the same time.

Railway Journey

Get on board a magical voyage with Secrets of India that explores a royal lineage with bloodlines that go back over 170 years.

The Geshyema Degree

Travel to remote mountain convents and peel back the layers of struggle nuns have endured in India for ages.

Classic North

Each journey on the luxury trains of India is an exploration of its diversity, exotic locales and a discovery of her timeless traditions.

The spicy trail of India

Tastes, smells and breathtaking views blend together perfectly to make this journey a feast for the senses.