The River Cruise is a microcosm of inter-connected world. It is a journey of discoveries, of the land and its people, of beliefs and practices, and inner most feelings.

Shimmering waters, waves transforming into ripples, sky filled with birds, crisp weather and the air totally sharp. As the boat unmoors itself from the bank and traverses leisurely slicing through the venerable river it takes you on a journey that’s beyond the comprehension of time, blurring the difference between myths and facts, legends and history, superstitions and science.

Sitting on the deck as the country moves by, your Expert Guide enamours you with stories, which bordering on fiction combines facts and provide you with insights into India’s life. The cruise will take you to some incredible places and confront you with country’s deepest secrets. Participating in daily chores it will get you the opportunity to interact with people, understand their perspectives, exchange ideas and forge friendships.

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Varanasi's long weaving tradition has found a unique expression in military and police badges.

Woven in golden, sliver or in threads as per the demand of the clients this workmanship finds its pride of place in the uniforms of the gallant forces all over the world. When you are in Varanasi a host of other interesting delights such as traditional Indian wrestling “Akhara” also awaits you in the city.

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Experience India

Hotel Ahilya Fort, by the river Narmada. High above the river in the vicinity of its bank the Maheshwar Fort stands tall. The holy river Narmada, its waters kissed by the ghats (stepped embankments) descending from the fort winds through the temples worshipped once by a much venerated queen, Devi Ahilyabai Holkar.

Peeping from the towering turret the river’s width seems to extend as far as the eyes can see. The water looks inviting, calm and majestic, and the boat that floats seems suspended in time. Pensive atmosphere. Relaxing ambience. The air whispering the stories medieval lair.

Relaxing in your hotel room—what was once a part of the fort-palace complex of the Holkar kings (capital Indore)—or exploring the quaint city will bring before you a facet of the Holy River Narmada that in ancient times served as the boundary between North and South India.

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Know Your Advisor

Well, ask her a question and she will weave a story out of it keeping you mesmerized all the while. A wandered by heart and a travel professional to the core she is one who oversees your itinerary, goes through every detail and plans your stay to make your journeys in India an experiential delight.

At Your Service

Continuing our commitment to provide better service to our clients we have put in place the Online Payment Gateway. This is particularly helpful to our agents who prefer gross rates and in turn would like Secrets of India to charge clients individually through their credit cards.

Soi @ World

Sri Lanka, a tiny island nation and a tropical paradise. From sun, sand and sea it has everything a traveller looks for.

For History buffs the country is moored in its past. For the wildlife enthusiasts it is a land of veritable jungles. And for those seeking spirituality, the island’s Buddhism will bring in solace. The country is small, the facilities are superb and the experiences wide ranging—all at a budget that much affordable than world’s other tropical islands.

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