Our Future is in our Hands

Environmentally Friendly Journeys

“We have one earth with limited resources. Let’s travel in a manner where each one of us is grateful to eachother.”

We all love to travel and don’t want to hurt the regions we are visiting or the people who live there, but unfortunately this can be difficult. At Secrets of India we are passionate about using travel as a way to make places better for the locals to live in and foreigners to visit.

Therefore, it has become especially important to think about the imprint we leave on places when we travel. After all, we all want future generations to be able to enjoy the beautiful destinations we visit. That’s why we have come up with severals ways to alleviate the impact of our travel, while also making a positive impact on people and mother earth.

Reducing Plastic Pollution: Did you know that 1 million plastic bottles are produced every minute? Instead of carrying individually packaged water bottles in our vehicles, we keep a 20 liter mineral water dispenser and provide our guests with eco-friendly, reusable bottles, which they can refill as needed.

Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint: To partially offset the carbon footprint of our trips we plant a tree in the village of Sihali Jageer in Uttar Pradesh at the end of every journey we take.

Litter Free Food: We appreciate that during long journeys guests may get hungry often, especially considering how delicious the food is in India and how tantalizing the smells are. But on long drives we won’t be able to stop for food all the time, so we know that you’ll want to snack sometimes. We encourage you to eat food without packaging, and our drivers constantly carry stock of fresh fruits and other natural foods that don’t create trash.

Our genuine goal is to fill each journey with incredible experiences, but also to undertake them in a manner that promotes sustainable tourism. That’s why there is a deep concern for the ecology of the ecosystems we visit exhibited in every step we take.
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