Romantic Railways

Get on board a railway journey that has a royal lineage and a past that go back to over 165 years.

Get onboard the train for a stunning journey. Watch the landscape change its colours. Discover country’s myths, legends and stories. Interact with people and participate in their cultural activities. Find joy, happiness and bliss all at the same time. Get onboard a train once and we ensure you that your India experience will stay with you all your life.

Railways don’t just connect India but traversing diverse terrains and criss-crossing varied cultural landscape it is also a great way of seeing the country. And with a rich legacy that’s more than 165 years old, Indian Railways, in itself has turned into a major attraction.

The history of Railways in India dates back to 1853. It was when the first train of 14 carriages hauled by 3 steam locomotives Sultan, Sahib and Sindh travelled for 45 minutes between Bombay and Thane covering a distance of 21 miles and started a journey that has made railways in India one of the largest and longest in the world.

Undoubtedly, if there is one place to experience the varied facets of India it has to Indian Railways.

Innumerable foreign films have been shot on it. It has been the central theme of many Indian films. Countless travellers and fiction writers have used it for their bestsellers and thrillers.

Quite frankly selecting a journey is a daunting proposition. Literally there are hundreds to choose from. From the experience of the heritage in “Fairy Queen” and the majesty of royalty on “Palace on Wheels” to cutting through the entire length of the country right from the Himalayas in the North to the Indian Ocean at the Southern tip on “Himsagar Express” or for that matter winding on the hills on UNESCO World Heritage “Darjeeling Himalayan Railway” there is no dearth of choice.

One of the overlooked parts of the railways is its distant cousin—trams. India will be among the few countries in the world that still has operational tram public transport system in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in East India. Even though the lines are old and the coaches might appear like a haggard old lady but yet it manages to run efficiently ferrying the people to their destination. If interested you can charter a tram and spend time roaming carefree on the roads of Kolkata.

So get onboard with us. Let us know of the experience you would prefer to have. We can assure you that we will find that journey.

Hill Railways – On Romantic Tracks

As they chug across the mountains negotiating the umpteenth hairpin bend, the Indian mountain railways bring to you a journey of the bygone era. At times moving at a pace slower than your gait and at times taking a long path to turn around which will make you feel that you could have done it faster on your foot the sheer joy of travelling in them is unparalleled.

The fun filled journey is spread across almost every region of the country. In the north you have Kalka-Shimla Railways and Kangra Valley Railway. In the east the famous DHR or the Darjeeling Hill Railways featuring in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Down south there is the Nilgiri Hill Railway and in the west the Matheran Light Railway. Whichever track you may opt for it will get you an experience that will remain with you all your life. And if you wish to add spice to your railway journey why not charter a “toy” hill train?