Our Future is in our Hands

Traveling to different locations has truly shown us the beauty of different regions and their people. We are passionate about making better places for people to live in and therefore better places for people to visit.

It’s difficult to know where to start, but we have put together a few ways to have meaningful impact.

Beat Plastic Pollution: Instead of carrying individually packaged water bottles we provide you with eco-friendly, reusable bottles, which you can fill as per your requirement.

Lower your carbon footprint: To partially offset your carbon footprints we plant a tree in village at the end of your journey.

Minimize litter: We appreciate that during long journeys you may feel hungry, however, rather than bags of crisps or biscuits your driver will keep fruit freshly bought each day for you.



Meet us


Khaver’s passion for travel started during University. After completing his Hospitality Management course, he started working with hotels in England and later joined “The Oberoi Group” in India. But the passion for travel always lurked in his mind, which saw its efflorescence at Secrets of India. He loves to turn the journeys into amazing experiences.


As a traveller, textile designer, art gallery owner, and, most recently, a tour designer and leader, Anna brings with her 35 years of experience and a deep love for India. Her wide-ranging interests provide a broad canvas upon which she creates unique journeys that carry a sense of adventure, aesthetics and spontaneity.


A native of Jaipur, Anwar graduated from Jaipur University with a degree in Commerce. He began working as a professional tour leader and certified regional level guide since 2003. Extremely knowledgeable about Islamic History of the subcontinent and the architectural wonders of the country, he is a true adventurer in spirit.




  • Secrets of India was way beyond my expectations . From the arrival , the welcome pack right to the end it was INCREDIBLE! The owner of Secrets of India is always contactable as is the office for anything you need. Thank you for this superb trip.

    Debbie Gamerov (Spencer Travel)
  • Our guests always applaud our India travel arrangements. The credit largely goes to our partner, Secrets of India, who meticulously craft the journeys. Their guides are experts, drivers courteous, and service flawless.

    Reece Farmilo (Out and about)   

Amal Foundation

In Collaboration with Sshristi (an NGO for women empowerment) Secrets of India has created Amal, a centre for rural women’s skills development and computer literacy in the village of Sihali Jageer in Uttar Pradesh India.


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