Mystery of the place

We walk that extra mile to explore the mystery of the land. Our access to special activities in each city, ensures memories worth cherishing once you return to home.

Under the skin

We aim to offer you experiences that are beyond ordinary. Taking you under the skin of all major cities, we take you to such corners of a place that show you the real life.

Unexplored terrain

We pride ourselves on being different from the lot. Building in a rare level of flexibility for those extraordinary experiences that make travel in the Indian subcontinent special.

Allure of the culture

Our guides and experts share a spirit that is contagious. Their love and passion when it comes to the rich culture of the country will be end experience in itself.

Meet us


It doesn’t take long into your journey with Khaver to realize that he is a master story teller. It’s a trait that, though on the surface you might feel he has naturally acquired, but nudge him and you will find beneath the veneer of a happy go lucky person, a seasoned travel professional who will turn your travel into a delightful journey.


A wanderer by nature she has extensively travelled in India. With a flair for story telling and possessing a thorough knowledge of India’s history and culture Reshma brings joy to travelling. The guests love her vivacity, which along with her empathy towards people and her anecdotal style of story telling turn trips into lively affair.


You won’t find him out of place anywhere in the world. Someone who can easily befriend a person, Anwar, a master of pedantic History as well as colourful stories will get you behind the era, making it come alive in its full glory. With him you can go anywhere and come back with a handful of memorable experiences and friends.



In Collaboration with Sshristi (an NGO for women empowerment) Secrets of India has created Amal, a centre for rural women’s skills development and computer literacy in the village of Sihali Jageer in Uttar Pradesh India.

Reasons to Travel With Us

Our Journey

One day in the year 2009 I stared out at a bleak Himalayan landscape. Not a soul was in sight, it was barren, desultory brown in colour, a stark picture of desolation. I stood there, transfixed by the setting, glowing harsh in the afternoon sun, when a group of young playful boys in their maroon gowns jumped into the frame and the human presence transformed the scene, and that moment I realized my call as I felt the strong urge to explore the ‘secrets of India’ while, helping others find one.

Gaining from my background in Hospitality Management from London, which gave me a flair for what the world expects when they visit India, and having worked with many top international hotel chains, the exposure I had with them helped me carve a niche after I was smitten by travel and a deep seated desire to help others mesmerize themselves in this charming country.

And thus, as the idea started concretising it first was merely a trickle, but soon the leading travel agencies the world over came to know of the passion we brought to our travels, we started seeing business.

The guests who stayed with us spread the word around and we prospered.

Though, at the cost of sounding clichéd, we approach travel from a holistic perspective. With Secrets of India, it is not just a place that you visit, or monuments that you see, or the people that you interact with, or a cuisine that you relish—rather we bring alive the entire experience—history takes the form of stories, places turn into drama, people take you inside their hearts and the foods bare their souls.

What makes Secrets of India difference is its professional travel management—an approach that goes beyond what finds mention in textbooks and taught in institutes. Instead the staid professionalism is mingled with the desire for your pleasant stay which comes straight from the heart as you continue your journey in the Indian subcontinent explores its hidden facets with Secrets of India.