Uncovered Mysteries

We walk the extra mile to explore every crevasse to show you the secret mysteries of India. We have special access to truly rare activities in every city, ensuring the creation of memories you will forever cherish.

Deep Connections

We offer you experiences that are beyond the ordinary, by taking you underneath the surface of India. You’ll explore corners of the country that show you how life really is here, and allow you to truly connect with the people.

Unexplored Terrain

We pride ourselves on providing a legitimately different journey than most. You’ll see places with us that you won’t with others, and your time on the subcontinent will be all the more special for it.

Genuine Culture

Our guides and experts share a contagious spirit for their own heritage. Their love and passion for the rich culture of the country will be an experience in itself.



We truly care about our country and our communities, so we always make sure to give back. In that spirit, we have collaborated with Sshristi (an NGO for female empowerment) to build the Amal Foundation, a centre for rural women’s skills development and computer literacy in the village of Sihali Jageer in Uttar Pradesh.

Our Future is in our Hands

We all love to travel and don’t want to hurt the regions we are visiting or the people who live there, but unfortunately this can be difficult. At Secrets of India we are passionate about using travel as a way to make places better for the locals to live in and foreigners to visit. That’s why we have come up with severals ways to alleviate the impact of our travel, while also making a positive impact on people and mother earth

Reducing Plastic Pollution: We minimize our plastic usage with refillable water bottles.

Minimizing Our Carbon Footprint: To partially offset the carbon footprint of our trips we plant a tree in the village of Sihali Jageer in Uttar Pradesh at the end of every journey we take.

Litter Free Food: We appreciate that during long journeys guests may get hungry often, especially considering how delicious the food is in India and how tantalizing the smells are. We encourage you to eat food without packaging, and our drivers constantly carry stock of fresh fruits and other natural foods that don’t create trash.