The success of any major event depends, apart from the agenda, how the entire affair is managed. A seamless event with emphasis on both, work and play has become sine qua non, and that’s where we step in. Our forte is managing things professionally, to get things done for you and to plan it in such a manner that it turns out to be a judicious blend of meetings / conference, entertainment, relaxation and some outings. With our specialisation in travel management, rest assured that at Secrets of India, you will have a whale of a time.


Looking forward to motivate and reward your star employees? It’s not just the incentive that counts but more than that where exactly you would like to take them and the activities you would like them to indulge in once you are there. There are an entire gamut of fun-filled and memorable things that you can plan so that when they return they will come back refreshed, rejuvenated and willing to take on new challenges.
That’s where we step in.
Secrets of India runs incentive trips all over the India sub-continent, and you can use our experience to ensure that your employees have an exceptional and memorable time.
Creating and running successful events is what we do. We believe events are fundamentally about providing the right forum for discussion, collaboration, learning, training and networking. You don’t just need a careful blend of activities but the also the right venue and the right format to ensure that your audience have a gala time.
You can rely on Secrets of India to come up with great ideas to help create the perfect environment. You can also trust us to look after all the logistics, so your training, conventions and conferences run smoothly. We make sure that you hit your business objectives within budget and with the right people. Trust us to deliver results.

Roadshow and Tradeshows

The success of any event wholly depends on how successful you have been in reaching out to new audiences and the manner you have captured the mind-share which, in all liklihood, will lead you towards greater market-share.
Whether it is roadshow or a tradeshow, anywhere in India or the world, at Secrets of India, we will plan a seamless event that will highly engage your audience along with novel ideas in which to present them so that you connect and engage with them for mutual benefit.

Marketing Events

As spectacular as it could be, marketing events are sleek events that is designed around making an impact, both amongst the audience present at the venue and those watching it on television or reading it in the newspapers, and in today’s context, on the webcast.
At Secrets of India we leave no stone unturned to get bang for your buck. Driven by passionate team, we are as excited as you are to turn your event in to a big success.