We at Secrets of India know that an amazing event requires amazing people. That’s why we spent years scouring the country for the very best industry experts. They’re young, dynamic and versatile, and ready to create at the drop of a dime. They’ll get everything done for you without hassle and concoct a perfect blend of meetings, conferences, entertainment, relaxation and cultural outings. All the while keeping overhead low, guaranteeing that you’ll get the most bang for your buck. And with our decades of experience and specialization in travel management, Secrets of India will ensure your event is one for the ages.

Why Choose Us

Looking to motivate and reward your star employees? We’ll make sure that the emotional experience you want to give them is in sync with the places we go and the activities we indulge in.  We provide a massive array of exciting, memorable adventures that will leave them feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and willing to take on new challenges when they return home from magical India.

Secrets of India can put on events and runs trips throughout the entire subcontinent, and you can trust in our vast experience to ensure that your employees have an exceptional and unforgettable time.

Creating and running successful events is what we do. We believe events are fundamentally about providing the right forum for discussion, collaboration, learning, training and networking. You don’t just need a careful blend of activities but also the right venue and the correct format to ensure that your audience has a great time.

You can rely on Secrets of India to come up with ungoogleable ideas to help create the perfect environment. You can also trust us to look after all the logistics. We make sure that you hit your business objectives, and also stay within your budget.

Roadshows and Trade Shows

The success of any event wholly depends on how successful you have been in reaching out to new audiences and the manner in which you have captured attention. This will allow you to attain a greater market share.

Whether it is roadshow or a trade show, Secrets of India will run a smooth event in any place in any country we work that will engage your audience effectively. Our team always comes up with creative ways to deliver your message so that you connect strongly with all people in attendance.

Marketing Events

Our marketing events are sleek and spectacular. We design them to make an impact, both on the audience at the venue and on those watching it from afar, whether that be on television or online. We can broadcast your event live online as well.

At Secrets of India we leave no stone unturned in ensuring you get more bang for your buck. Driven by our passionate team, we are always as excited as you are to make your event a big success.