12 Days

Cochin | Kodikulam | Munnar | Periyar | Kumarakom | Mararikulam

Journey Highlights

Detailed Journey

Day 1


As soon as your flight lands in the historic city our contact person will meet you. He will take you to your hotel and help you with the check in formalities while providing you with the gist of the tour apart from informing you about basic social customs.

Day 2


Visit Cochin, one of the oldest seaports where India carried on its trade with the West. Amongst the places you will see include St. Francis Church, Chinese fishing net and Santa Cruz Basilica. Besides you will also visit to Kashi art gallery for south India filter coffee. In the evening Kathakali dance awaits you.

Day 3

Cochin – Kodikulam

After the hustle and bustle of the city it’s time for a quiet retreat at Kodikulam, which is basically a small village exhibiting a leisurely pace of life. Amongst the highlights of the day include a glimpse of rural South India spend in the lap of nature that will dazzle you with its serenity and scenic views.

Day 4


Spend the entire day in this idyllic rural retreat literally doing nothing. The leisurely activities that we have planned for will take you on a spice plantation walk, a cycling trip around the village and witness first hand the process of extraction of honey by intrepid men.

Day 5

Kodikulam - Munnar

From the natural beauty to a leisurely trip into the wilds Munnar is akin to experiencing divinity on earth. With exquisite flora and fauna it’s like going back to our primitive self. In the course of your visit you will also a tea factory and, if you desire also make your own tea with the freshest leaves.

Day 6


Amongst the world’s gentlest creatures elephants are the highlight of the trip to the jungles of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. The high point of the day includes morning safari in Chinnar wildlife sanctuary and a walk through a tea plantation where you will watch plucking of leaves in action.

Day 7

Munnar - Periyar

Drive from Munnar to Periyar will unfold before you a rolling vista. Your day will first take you to Periyar Wildlife Reserve (a UNESCO site). Thereafter ride on an elephant backto soak the beauty of spice plantation and later experience oneness of soul on boat ride in Periyar Lake.

Day 8


At Periyar it’s literally soaking yourself in nature. A part of one of the world’s most diverse bio-reserve it is also one of the most beautiful places on earth. As the captivating flora and fauna mesmerize you go on a bamboo rafting and a jungle walk through some evergreen forest and marshy grasslands.

Day 9

Periyar - Kumarakom

From the jungles of Periyar to the serene backwaters it’s more than just a change of landscape. Visit a rubber plantation, see the process of rubber extraction, walk through a village to experience the life there and the highlight of the day the sunset cruise in a in a houseboat.

Day 10

Kumarakom - Mararikulam

From Kumarakom to Mararikulam involves a change of scene. From tranquil backwaters to the roaring waves of the Arabian Sea experiencing the contrast between the two scenes is the most beatific sight. Relish the site, stroll along the beach and get to taste the local flavours doing nothing.

Day 11


The entire day it up to you; spend it the way you want to. Obviously, our representative will be within your reach in case you want anything in particular but that’s kind of a side note. Next day you will leave and we want that you cherish as you feel like till the time you are here.

Day 12

Mararikulam - Cochin

It’s the day that will turn you nostalgic. As you board your plane for a flight back home you will remember the trip you have just completed, the leisurely time you have had, the fond memories you have collected carrying stories with you that you would narrate back home.

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