11 Days

Mumbai | Diu| SasanGirNationalPark| Velavadar National Park| Dasada| Ahmedabad| Delhi

Journey Highlights

Detailed Journey

Day 1

Mumbai – Diu

Proceed to the domestic terminal after arriving in Mumbai for your flight to Diu where Secrets of India representative will meet you and while providing you with an outline of the tour help you with the check in formalities.

Day 2


Definitely  one of the finest experiences of India. A potpourri of incredible colonial and local Gujarati architecture, feisty fortifications, a national park known for Asiatic lions in the vicinity and serene vista in Diu you discover a place where you will feel that the time has stopped.

Day 3

Diu - SasanGir National Park

Narrow by lanes flanked remind you of an era when time moved at a leisurely pace. Meet the inhabitants of the old town. Peep into their homes, some them truly grand. Visit Portuguese fortifications and later in the evening leave for Sasan Gir National Park.

Day 4

Sasan Gir National Park

Home to Asiatic Lions try beseeching these King of the Jungles to honour you with their majestic presence. Enthrall yourself with the captivating flora and fauna reveling in some truly spectacular sightings as you venture inside the forest in a private game safari.

Day 5

SasanGir National Park - Velavadar National Park

Time to take leave of one of the enriching jungle experience for another equally captivating Velavadar National Park. On the way stop for a while at serene Jain temples of Palitana marveling at its architecture as well one of the many spiritual facets of India.

Day 6

Velavadar National Park

From the roaring Lions to the gentle Blackbucks, the transition from Gir to Velavadar is interesting in more ways than one. What confronts you is a total transformation of the landscape and as you make your way through the terrain in a private game drive you experience oneness with nature.

Day 7

Velavadar National Park - Dasada

You don’t actually wade through the marshes but at Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary you would actually want to do so. A blue green vista that spreads in 120 sq km is home to over 200 species of migratory birds seeking to escape biting cold and to rear their young ones.

Day 8


Even before the sun is up on the horizon you are seated on a jeep for an early morning safari moving towards the edge of the Little Rann of Kutch, a vast wilderness famous for the Asiatic wild ass in India. Watching them roam in an impossible landscape is understanding the true meaning of hardiness.

Day 9

Dasada – Ahmedabad

Leave for Ahmedabad.Visit the Rani Ki Vav in Patan, one of the finest step wells in India on the way. From there you reach Modhera to marvel the Sun Temple which is followed by a jeep safari.

Day 10


A leisurely tour of the architectural splendours of the erstwhile important trading centre (tagged as a UNESCO Heritage City) known for its mosques and temples. The day will also consist of a bazaar visit, Mahatma Gandhi’s ancestral house and Calico Museum.

Day 11

Ahmedabad- Mumbai

Drive to Ahmedabad airport from where you will take a connecting flight to Mumbai for your homebound flight. As the plane soars off you would wonder in amazement the mystery that India is.

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