Frozen river

A unique chance to be one with nature. In the majestic Himalayas, you will trek through rivers, valleys and plains, experiencing a deep, peaceful unity with Mother Earth in the process.


16 Days

Delhi | Manali | Darcha | Palemo | Zanskar | Sumdo |  ChumiNapo | Lakham | Kurgiak | Tetha | Purni | Ichar | Mune | Padum | Kargil | Leh

Journey Highlights

Detailed Journey

Day 1


Check into your hotel and then jump straight into the journey by exploring Delhi. Immerse yourself in the Mughal history, and learn about its colonial past. Wander through its mystical streets, teeming with lively people, delicious food and bustling markets.

Day 2

Delhi - Kullu – Manali

Fly to Kullu, the Valley of the Gods. Then we’ll head to Manali, one of the most popular Himalayan destinations, and take time to acclimate to the altitude and prepare for the majestic experiences that lie ahead.

Day 3

Manali - Darcha

Take a drive on one of the highest roads in the entire world through one of the most stunning landscapes in the Himalayas, the Rohtang Pass, to reach the quaint village of Darcha, which is renown for its welcoming tea-houses.

Day 4

Darcha - Palemo

Trek to Palemo, an easy walk through a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Along the way you’ll visit the famous Chika and Rarik monasteries.

Day 5

Palemo-Zanskar Sumdo

From Palemo we’ll trek to Zanskar Sumdo, passing through the rocky terrain and crossing dozens of gurgling streams that run through the area. This is one of the most scenic journeys of the entire trip.

Day 6

Zanskar Sumdo - Chumi Napo

After breakfast, we’ll embark on a trek to Chumi Napo. This trek is a steeper climb but is well worth the effort. It will take us part of the way to the stunning Shingo La Pass. This is not for everyone though, as it can be a bit treacherous at times and requires good physical fitness.

Day 7

Chumi Napo - Shingo La – Lakham

Today we’ll reach the Shingo La pass, where colorful prayer flags flutter in the brisk mountain air. Then we’ll cross a glacier and reach the pristine pastures of Lakham Yak.

Day 8

Lakham - Kurgiak

Today we’ll walk alongside the crystal clear waters of the Kurgiak River. Witness nature in its full glory and, if you feel the urge, we can visit a few Doksas, farms where yaks are kept during the summer.

Day 9

360 Kurgaik - Tetha

Today’s trail to Tetha is flanked by beautiful meadows and colorful flowers, a stark contrast to the otherwise bleak landscape of our treks. It is a highly motivating sight that will fill you with the energy and vigor needed to perservere on this challenging journey.

Day 10

Tetha - Purni

From Tetha we’ll trek to Purni, where the spirit of Buddhism permeates through nature thanks to the peaceful Phuktal monastery. Perched on the edge of a cliff, it seems to hang in a precarious manner that signifies the struggle between humanity and nature.

Day 11

Purni - Ichar

After trekking past a series of breathtaking vistas, we’ll arrive in Ichar. Surrounded by captivating views of the snow capped Himalayas, the powerful beauty often inspires peopl to reflect on life and its deeper meaning.

Day 12

Ichar – Munem

Today we’ll trek along the Tsarap River to Munem. If the skies are blue the views will be breathtaking. We’ll visit the Munem monestary on the way for a glimpse of the Buddhist lifestyle.

Day 13

Munen - Padum

Our treak to Padum will take us past the Bardan monastery, which is one of the most highly regarded monasteries in the region. Use it as an opportunity to look inwards, and see your true self.

Day 14

Padum - Kargil

After so many days of trekking, you’ll get a break as we drive from Padum to Kargil. It wasn’t too many years ago that this small town was the site of a war between India and Pakistan, but the guns have fallen silent for many years now and have been replaced with quiet, mesmerizing sunsets.

Day 15

Kargil - Leh

We’ve got a long, 7 hour drive to Leh today, but we’ll make it enjoyable as we always do. On the way we’ll visit the Lamayuru Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the region. The beautiful building contrasts starkly with the bleak surrounding landscape, creating a stunning image.

Day 13

Leh – Delhi

Fly to Delhi, where we’ll visit Jama Masjid and take a tour through the bustling alleys of Chandni Chowk. Then we’ll make stops at Rajghat and the India Gate. Finally it will be time to catch your flight home, where you’ll reminisce about the many magical moments you experienced over the last two weeks.

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