Tribes & Temples

Come face to face with India’s delightful east. Frolick in the sea, wander through to temples, indulge in cultural delights, and delve into the spiritual heritage.


13 Days

Kolkata | Chandipur | Bhubaneshwar | Taptapani | Raygada | Jeypore | Bhubanehwar | Puri | Delhi

Journey Highlights

Detailed Journey

Day 1


Arrive in Kolkata. In the afternoon explore the colonial legacy and heritage of the city, which was the British during their rule. It’s also known as the ‘City of Processions’ and the ‘City of Joy.’

Day 2

Calcutta - Chandipur

Start your day with a visit to the banks of the River Hooghly. Later roam through the massive precincts of the Victoria Memorial, then take a stroll across the Howrah Bridge. After we’ll depart for Chandipur.

Day 3

Chandipur - Bhubaneshwar

Indulge in the leisurely lifestyle of Chandipur. Visit the fisherman’s village, observe how locals worship deities at the temples, and relax on the beautiful beaches. Afterwards we’ll leave for Bhubaneshwar, with a stopover at the Ratnagiri and Udaigiri caves.

Day 4

Bhubaneshwar - Taptapani

Today we’ll go on a tour of Taptapani, a quaint town famous for its hot water springs. En route, we’ll visit the local weaving villages and take a cruise on Chilika Lake, which is home to many migratory birds.

Day 5

Taptapani - Raygada

We’ll leave for Raygada to catch a glimpse of an entirely different kind of lifestyle. Living in harmony with nature, the village tribe of Sauba will demonstrate how amazing a life of simplicity can be. Their unique style of art is highly inspiring too.

Day 6

Raygada - Kottagarh – Raygada

We’ll go on an excursion of Kottagarh today, exploring the villages of the Kundh tribes. Their thatched homes are made of mud, their market looks like it is from another era, and their cuisine is delicious.

Day 7

Raygada - Jeypore

Explore Chatikona and visit the village of the Dhongi Kondh tribes. Afterwards we’ll return to Raygada and then move onto Jeypore, where we’ll visit the local tribal villages. Their friendly smiles and natural hospitality will fill you with love.

Day 8

Jeypore - Onukudelli - Jeypore

Today we’ll visit the picturesque village of Onukudelli, where you will explore the local Bonda market and meet the tribal people of the area. Then we’ll move on to the Gadaba tribal villages where you can witness the Demsa, a beautiful traditional tribal dance.

Day 9

Jeypore - Bhubaneshwar

Today we’ll visit the Gupteswar caves first thing in the morning, where beautiful shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva have been erected. Then we’ll visit the villages of the Dhurava tribes. Later we’ll take the night train to Bhubaneshwar.

Day 10

Bhubaneshwar - Puri

Take a tour of Bhubaneshwar, an ancient city filled with stunning temples. The architecture is unlike anything else in India, and will leave you awe-inspired.  Exploring this city is truly a sublime experience.

Day 11


In the morning we’ll watch the sun’s rays illuminate the Konark temple, one of the most famous monuments in the country. Then we’ll return to Puri to revel in the sight of the Jagannath temple, which is famous for its Chariot Festival. Unwind in the evening with a lovely dinner on the coast, gazing at the calming waves of the Bay of Bengal.

Day 12

Puri - Bhubaneshwar - Delhi

We’ll depart from Puri and make our way to Bhubaneshwar, where we’ll catch a flight to Delhi. On the way we’ll make time to stop for a last taste of the delicious regional cuisine, and say goodbye to the beautiful people who inhabit the area.

Day 13


In Delhi we’ll visit Jama Masjid and take a tour through the bustling alleys of Chandni Chowk. Then we’ll make stops at Rajghat and the India Gate. Finally it will be time to catch your flight home, where you’ll reminisce about the many magical moments you experienced over the last two weeks.

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