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Discover the rich culture & enjoy exciting mountain sports. Get lost in the hustle & bustle of Kathmandu & relax in its peaceful valleys. Breathe the fresh Himalayan air in the foothills of Annapurna

Discover Nepal

This journey is truly one of our most amazing trips. Sweeping valley vistas. Mischievous gurgling rivers. Mighty mountain peaks. Friendly twinkling eyes. The drives, treks and rafting will reveal a spectacular paradise inhabited by some of the nicest people on earth.


Your journey starts in the incredible Indian state of Assam, where you will get to see its famous silk weavers. Your time in Bhutan will be spent visiting remote sites renown for their magical charm

Forbidden Kingdom

This challenging journey to Lo Manthang will add new perspective to your life. Negotiating treacherous terrain to discover the last vestiges of the Himalayan countryside will show you another side of yourself.


Become enraptured by the stunning landscape, go on picturesque treks, interact with the delightful local people and marvel at the truly unique architecture in one of world’s happiest nations.

Mystical Tibet

A mythical landscape with tons of interesting experiences, stunning views, and the warmest people on the planet. Tibet is a celebration of life through its unique form of Buddhism.

The Call of the Mountains

Nepal is a fantastic country, and for mountain lovers, it’s a paradise. Beautiful views, stunning vistas, abundant green valleys and the towering Himalaya. This journey will make you feel truly alive.