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A Journey Through India’s History

From the British colonial heritage to India’s ancient spiritual traditions to the modern adaptation to globalization, this trip will take you on an enthralling journey through India’s, past and present.

A Soulful Journey

In music the soul finds its rhythm. In folk tales it discovers its yearnings. In poetry it unearths deeper meanings. And when the three rasas come together, they stir the mind, body and soul.

Brahmaputra Cruise and Rhino Safari

Become enchanted by the imperial architecture and soulful tales of human compassion that permeate through India. Take a cruise down one of its mightiest rivers. And come face to face with the endangered one horned Rhino.

Classic Kerala

Relax in nature’s beauty and rejuvenate in the sunny beaches of Kerala, otherwise known as ‘God’s Own Country’. Then visit wild jungles, serene backwaters, and ancient temples on this epic journey.

Cultural Heritage of India

Experience the spiritual, cultural, and sensual facets of India on a journey starting in Delhi that traverses deserts, stops at the Taj Mahal & the mysterious temples of Khajuraho, and much more.

Deccan Odyssey

A journey like no other. A train that could pass for a palace. Hop aboard for a journey through some of the most stunning landscapes in India and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Discover Nepal

This journey is truly one of our most amazing trips. Sweeping valley vistas. Mischievous gurgling rivers. Mighty mountain peaks. Friendly twinkling eyes. The drives, treks and rafting will reveal a spectacular paradise inhabited by some of the nicest people on earth.

Essence of India

Journey through our magnificent country to discover its essence. The grandness of the Mughal history, the beauty of Rajputana architecture, and the spirituality make it one of the most magical places on earth.

Frozen river

A unique chance to be one with nature. In the majestic Himalayas, you will trek through rivers, valleys and plains, experiencing a deep, peaceful unity with Mother Earth in the process.

Golden Triangle With Tiger

This tour has it all. The grandeur of the Moghuls, Rajputana pageantry, medieval cities, and the roar of the jungles. Eight days of India’s most popular tourist circuit with a chance to spot Tigers in the wild as well.

Gujarat Discovery

Sun, sand and incredible colonial architecture explored in a leisurely Portuguese style. This tour takes you into the heart of Western India, where you will enjoy its unique culture and pristine nature.

Gujarat Wilderness

From roaring lions to frolicking flamingoes to wild donkeys, this tour will take you through the diverse and enchanting wilderness of Gujarat, home to some of India’s rarest and most unique wildlife.