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Himalayan Life and The Golden Temple

Enjoy the peaceful Himalayan life as you listen to ancient tales of this majestic region. On the other side of the spectrum, lose yourself wandering through one of India’s most extravagant temples.

Leisurely Ganges

As your boats sways through the waters of Ganges, the cruise will show you mystical parts of India that will help you discover the spirituality of the country, and appreciate it’s beautiful nature.

Maharajas’ Express

Experience India like a Maharaja aboard the Maharajas’ Express. Explore the cities that have shaped the country. Feel its pulsating spirituality. Be enchanted by its culture and mythic splendor.

Majestic ladakh

Starting in Delhi, the majestic capital of India, this journey will then take you to the rugged landscapes of the Himalayas, where incredible adventure and deep spiritual experiences await you.

Manali and Ladakh

A journey like none other. This adrenaline pumping trip will bring you face to face with the awesome power of nature, test your mettle, elicit your fears and nourish your spiritual yearnings.

Palace on Wheels

Embark on a regal journey on a train as luxurious as a palace. It will take you through a land known for its martial vigour, and bring you face to face with ancient Indian sagas of valour.

Serene Himalayan Journey

A relaxing tour that will take you away from the hectic city lifestyle to the leisurely foothills of the mighty Himalayas, where charm and serenity will reverberate through your being.

The call of himalayas

Straddling the Himalayas, the stark landscape of Leh stands in total contrast to the colourful life of its inhabitants and is home to some of the most stunning vistas in the world.

The Exotic Journey of India

From the glitz and glamor of Bollywood in Mumbai, to the peaceful nature of Ooty, to the regal elephants of Munnar, your life will be deeply enriched by traveling around this sensational country.

The Golden Chariot

A journey characterized by a perfect mix of History, architecture, sun and sea, sprinkled with engrossing tales from India’s enchanting past. This is a trip that leave you with spectacular memories of our beautiful country.

Tribes & Temples

Come face to face with India’s delightful east. Frolick in the sea, wander through to temples, indulge in cultural delights, and delve into the spiritual heritage.

Wild India         

From magnificent medieval architecture to entrancing lush forests this is a tour that combines classical sightseeing with the roaring Indian jungles.