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Temples and Spices

Lots of sun, some sand, tangy spices, roaring seas and spirituality along with incredible temples – that’s the memory you will take back after this temple and spices tour.

The call of himalayas

Straddling the Himalayas the stark landscape of Leh stands in total contrast to the colourful life of its inhabitants and is home to some of the most visually stunning vistas.

The Call of the Mountains

Heed to it. Nepal is a fantastic country. For mountain lovers it’s akin to a paradise. Beautiful views, stunning vistas, abundant greeneries and rolling Himalayas… the journey will make you come alive to life

The Exotic Journey of India

From frolicking Mumbai to delving into devotion and finally to losing one’s self in the rich scenic splendor of nature, relive your life seeking for its moorings in this ageless country.

The Golden Chariot

Get on-board the train and traverse through the terrain filled with history, architecture, sun, sand and sea speckled with engrossing tales that will create a space in your heart.

The wild India         

From magnificent medieval architecture to whispering forests it’s a tour that combines medieval magnificence with the roar of the Indian jungles.

The Wilderness In Gujarat

From lions to wild asses and flamingos to pelicans and other creatures for whom it represents their habitat’s last frontiers. Go wild in the frolicking Indian jungles.

Tribes & Temples

Get enchanted by the soulful tales of human compassion. Cruise on one of the mightiest rivers. And come face to face with one horned Rhino. Celebrate life in India’s northeast.

Yearnings of the mankind

Traverse through Central India. Experience spirituality, religion, romance and imprints of the early man. It’s a journey that transcends time and goes beyond life.