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A Soulful Journey

In music the soul finds its moorings. In folk tales it discovers yearnings. In poetry it unearths deeper meanings. Stirring mind, body and soul when they come together.

An Episodic Narrative of India

From the British architectural heritage to religious structures with rugged forts and mesmerizing palaces, your stay in the country will be filled with adventure.

Brahmaputra Cruise and Rhino

Get enchanted by the imperial architecture with soulful tales of human compassion. Cruise on one of the mightiest rivers. And come face to face with one horned Rhino

Classic Bangladesh

From the densely populated plains to serene rivers.From the rolling mountains to architectural splendours. Bangladesh is a country that hides more than it reveals. Go down on a journey in this beguiling country. Return rejuvenated

Classic Kerala

Revel in the natural beauty while rejuvenating in ‘God’s own country’ rolling in sun, sand and sea. Also visit scenic jungles, serene backwaters & splendorous temples.


Discover culture and enjoy mountain sports with your family and friends. An opportunity to revel in Kathmandu’s hustle-bustle and to relish serenity of its deep valleys.

Cultural Heritage of India

Experience India that thrives on vitality. Starting from Delhi and traversing deserts the tour will unravel before you a heritage that transcends time.

Deccan Odyssey

Come aboard for a palatial rail journey that traverses through some of the most stunning landscapes and fills your stay with mesmerising facets of the country.


Starting with Assam (in India), where after witnessing its famous silk weaving, you will fly to Bhutan. Visit its remote sites and get awed by the country’s quaint charm.

Essense of India

The magnificence and the sublime. Start your journey with a glimpse of the Mughal magnificence and get amazed later on with the grandness of Rajputana architecture.

Forbidden Kingdom

Negotiating treacherous terrain on foot and by road the trip will take you to the last vestiges of the Himalayan country and open before your a new way of life.

Frozen river

It’s your tryst with the mighty terrain. With the Himalayas challenging you to climb on top of its numerous folds; in this journey you’ll also trek through rivers, valleys and plains, and become a part of the landscape.