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Golden Temple & The Himalayan Life

A serene history of a magnificent past; whiff of the crisp mountain air that carries the tales of valour and romance. The journey will open before you facets of human life that will leave an everlasting imprint.

Golden Triangle With Tiger

Grandeur of Moghuls, the Rajputana pageantry, cities exuding medieval charm and whispering jungles – the tour has it all. Eight days in India’s most celebrated “Triangle” and a lifetime of memories.

Gujarat Discovery

Sun-n-Sand along with medieval architecture and leisurely Portuguese lifestyle – this tour into the heart of Western India will bring you face to face with the pristine earth and its mighty wilderness.


Get enraptured by the landscape, go on some picturesque treks, interact with some delightful people, understand their spiritual moorings and marvel at some out of this world architecture.

Leisurely Ganges

As your boats sways by the rippling waters of Ganges River, the gently rolling cruise will present before you a facet of India that apart from being exhilarating will help you discover a country that’s serene.

Lesser and Serene Himalayas

A relaxing tour that after providing you with a glimpse of the lifestyle of a hectic city will take you on a journey to the foothills of the mighty Himalayas encapsulating within it the charm of serene surroundings.


Amazing views, mesmerizing culture and unforgettable experience – in Bhutan it is easy to lose track of time. Your tour will start from Kolkata where after visiting its famous sites you will fly to the tiny nation.

Maharajas’ Express

Experience India like a Royalty aboard Maharajas’ Express. Explore the cities that have shaped the country. Feel its pulsating spirituality. Get drenched in its culture and the mythic splendor.

Majestic ladakh

Starting with Delhi, the historical capital of India it will take you to the rugged landscape of the Himalayas that hides within its fold incredible adventure and deep spirituality.

Manali and Ladakh

It’s a journey like no other. This adrenaline-jacking trip will confront you with the nature’s supreme forces and bring you close to mankind’s mettle, its fears and yearnings.

Mystical Tibet

A mythical landscape, myriads of experiences, breathtaking views, cultural diversity and some of the most welcoming people. Celebrate life in Tibet.

Palace on Wheels

Embark on a royal journey inside a train that resembles a palace and which rumbling down in a land known for its vigour, brings you face to face with the saga of valour.