World Sacred Spirit Festival

Let music awaken your spiritual self 

In music your soul finds its mooring. In folk tales it discovers its yearnings. In poetry it unearths the deeper meanings of life. 

In sanskrit we have a concept called a rasa, which is a depiction of an aesthetic and emotional flavor of art that can’t be fully described by words. When the three rasas intertwine for four days at the World Sacred Spirit Festival, it will invigorate your mind, body and soul. Join us from the evening of the 15th to the morning of the 18th in February 2019 in Jodhpur and witness a musical spectacle you’ll never forget. 

As verses of Persian poetry mingle with soulful Sufi music and captivating earthy folk songs, you’ll feel melodic nourishment in a way you couldn’t imagine. Join us on this adventure through enchanting music from all over the world at the sprawling Rajputana Fort, and awaken your soul through sound. 

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As the music reaches its crescendo and electrifies the atmosphere, you’ll wish that time would stop forever in this moment. Your body will be compelled to sway gracefully in dance, while simultaneously moving your soul in profound ways. A diverse collection of the best forgotten folk renditions from various countries have been kept alive by these incredible wandering minstrels, and you will be fortunate enough to hear the unique tales of their ancient heritages in the form of song, poetry and instrumentals. 

So when you indulge in the World Sacred Spirit Festival you will not only enjoy a highly evocative experience, but also play your part in keeping these important traditions alive. 

The World Sacred Music Festival in Jodhpur is organized by a former Maharaja of Rajasthan, a land known for its artistic vigor. It is his passion to keep these traditions alive. 

The Konark Music and Dance Festival 

Waves in the Bay of Bengal crash against the eastern coast of the state of Odisha, providing not just a backdrop, but also a natural sonic accompaniment to India’s classical and folk music and dance performances. In a gorgeous venue famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Sun Temple, the Konark Music and Dance Festival celebrates the country’s aesthetic and spiritual traditions by turning them into a grand, multifaceted pageant.