Rugged Lunar Landscape. Serene & Spiritual

The barren brown Himalayas have a magical way of echoing the sound of stillness and transporting you into a world where it’s just you and your thoughts.

It starts with the unbelievable landscape. Barren and brown, devoid of any vegetation. Filled with emptiness. Inspiring awe. Where wind chimes play the music of solitude, you’ll feel as if you have reached the last frontier of humanity as you drive along the serpentine mountain roads. Peaceful Buddhist monks will welcome you with warm smiles and open arms and you can experience a completely different way of living.

Their life is tough, but moves at a leisurely pace and is inseparable from nature. But it’s not all meditation and quiet nights around the fire up here, as modern adventurers have brought many new activities to the region. From mountaineering to trekking to playing football with the young monks of Rizong, there is a lot of fun things to do. Or you can choose to live like the locals and spend your time going inwards on a spiritual journey. Regardless of which option you choose we guarantee that you will always look back on the experience with great fondness.