Rugged Lunar Landscape. Serene & Spiritual

The barren brown Himalayas echoing the sound of stillness transports you into a world where it’s just you and your thoughts.

An unbelievable landscape—bare, barren and brown, devoid of any vegetation. Filled with emptiness. Inspiring awe. Where winds chime the music of loneliness and as you drive along the serpentine road you feel as if you have reached the last human frontier. With gurgling streams for the company, un-spoilt vista, which is home to pacifist Buddhist religion and hardy people.

Life is tough and moves at a leisurely pace inseparable with the nature. From mountaineering to trekking to “cliff-hanging” road trips there is a lot you can do. Or may be, if you are so inclined, you can even spend your time doing nothing. But whatever option you may choose to exercise rest assured that you will go back with an experience that you will always look upon with nostalgia.

Play football with little monks in Ladakh

Interacting with the inhabitants of the Rizong, watching them go about their daily chores or for that matter just being with them is an experience that stays with you.

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