Chase the Rains

Indeed, monsoons have been a life and breath in India, quenching thirst of its people and watering its agricultural fields. It has made the country prosperous and its plains fertile supporting mighty kingdoms that have left their imprints on the passage of time. The forts, palaces, cultural diversity and the rich pageantry would all have lost their sheen had it not been for the monsoons.

During monsoons India dons a new look. Right from the Thar Deserts in the western state of Rajasthan to the extreme Northeastern states, from Kerala in the South to the Himalayas in the North, colours bloom everywhere in the country. It is especially true in Kerala. Walking with an umbrella in your hands you amble through a landscape that is richly green.

In the Northeast you can visit Mawsynram, the wettest place in India. With rains washing the monuments the TajMahal and the forts of Rajasthan dazzle your eyes in the North and the West India. Or you can visit Central India, to fort-palace complex of Mandu that breathes to life during Monsoons reveling in the love story of King BazBahadur and Rani Rupmati.

India during Monsoons dons a refreshing new look. Lots of fun awaits you if you decide to visit the country during its life-giving rainy season.

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