Chase the Rains

Monsoons have forever been a vital life force in India, quenching the thirst of its people and watering its crops. It has made the country prosperous and its plains fertile, supporting mighty kingdoms that have left their rich imprints on India’s history . The forts, palaces, cultural diversity and rich pageantry all derive some of their glistening sheen from the monsoons.

During monsoon seasons India dons a fresh new look. From the Thar Deserts in the western state of Rajasthan to the cold mountainous Northeastern states, from Kerala in the South to the Himalayas in the North, colourful plants bloom everywhere you look. This is especially evident in Kerala, where the rich green color of nature will leave you in awe.

If you’re the kind of person who loves the rain you can visit the wettest place in India, Mawsynram in the Northeast. You can watch the rains wash the country’s dazzling monuments clean, like the Taj Mahal in Agra or the ancient forts in Rajasthan. Or you can visit Central India, to the fort-palace complex of Mandu, and get lost in romantic tales from the region, like the epic love story of King BazBahadur and Rani Rupmati.